Have you been playing Pokemon and having a great time with the game?  If so, I am sure you have been to Occoquan to find some of the Pokemon!

The town of Occoquan is a small town in Prince William County near Woodbridge. 

The Pokemon Go phenomenon has taken the town by storm and turned everything upside down.  There have been 100's of people going through the town day and night catching all things Pokemon.

It is now time to show the town of Occoquan how you have appreciated them! Go down to Occoquan on Sunday the 28th at 5:30 pm to help! 

Hometown Go is sponsoring a clean up party.  They will be providing gloves, trash bags and water for all who participate.  They will also be offering vouchers (for $5 off) for the Comic Con Fan Art that will be in the Mill St shop!

Everyone needs to meet at the Gazebo at 5:30pm to receive your items for clean-up!